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Keralam Lottery

Kerala State Lotteries stands as a trailblazer in India’s lottery scene, offering a unique draw every day from Monday to Sunday, with each day boasting different top prizes. This extensive daily lottery schedule is further enriched by the celebration of major calendar events through six Bumper Lotteries held throughout the year.

Kerala Weekly Lotteries

Kerala hosts seven distinctive weekly lotteries, each commencing at 3:00 pm every day. Priced at Rs. 40 per ticket, every lottery boasts its unique prize distribution structure. For detailed information on ticket prices, draw days, and the First Prize amounts for each of the Kerala weekly lotteries, explore the details below. Select a specific lottery to access the latest results and stay updated on your chances of winning.

Draw DayLottery NameTicket Price (Rs)Top Prize (Rs)
MondayWIN-WIN40₹75 Lakhs
TuesdaySTHREE SAKTHI4075 Lakhs
WednesdayFIFTY-FIFTY401 Crore
ThursdayKARUNYA PLUS4080 Lakhs
FridayNIRMAL4070 Lakhs
SaturdayKARUNYA4080 Lakhs
SundayAKSHAYA4070 Lakhs

Ticket Price

Ticket price for Kerala lottery starts from Rs. 40 onwards. Purchase only from the official Kerala state lottery ticket agent. Explore the excitement of Kerala’s weekly lotteries with seven unique draws.

Kerala has truly emerged as the leading state in India, providing a plethora of lottery opportunities for its residents.

Established in 1967 and operated by the Lottery Department of the Government of Kerala, this pioneering lottery program has become a benchmark for other states in the country. The success of the Kerala model has spurred numerous states to adopt similar initiatives, showcasing the program’s impact and effectiveness. The draws are conducted at various locations across the state, including the department headquarters situated in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), the capital of Kerala.